As an expert in the IGNITON COIL industry,KAIHAO has provided solutions for hundreds of auto spare parts retailers for 20 years. By visiting customers, we get good reviews from our customers.


Como experto en la industria IGNITON COIL, KAIHAO ha brindado soluciones para cientos de minoristas de repuestos de automóviles durante 20 años. Al visitar a los clientes, obtenemos buenas críticas de nuestros clientes.


كخبير في صناعة IGNITON COIL ، قدمت KAIHAO حلولًا لمئات تجار التجزئة لقطع غيار السيارات لمدة 20 عامًا. من خلال زيارة العملاء ، نحصل على مراجعات جيدة من عملائنا.

Команда KAIHAO

Являясь экспертом в отрасли IGNITION COIL, компания KAIHAO на протяжении 20 лет предоставляет решения для сотен продавцов автозапчастей. Посещая клиентов, мы получаем хорошие отзывы от наших клиентов.

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Ignition coil Technology
According to magnetic circuit,ignition coil is divided into two types: open magnetic type and closed magnetic type. The traditional ignition coil uses the open magnetic type. The iron core is laminated with silicon steel sheets,which is about 0.3 mm, then secondary and primary coils are wound on the iron core. The closed magnetic type uses a field-like iron core to wind the primary coil, and the secondary coil is wound outside. The magnetic line of force is formed by the iron core to form a closed magnetic circuit. The advantages of closed magnetic ignition coils are less magnetic leakage, low energy loss, and small size. Therefore, closed magnetic ignition coils are commonly used in electronic ignition systems.

System partner in the automotive industry-- KAIHAO Ignition Coil
The raw materials of KAIHAO ignition coil is from the world's top brands, the plastic is from Saudi SABIC, the enameled wire is from FUJI JAPAN, the epoxy resin is from NOZAWA JAPAN, and the electronic components is from French Italian semiconductor ST.

Product voltage, current, energy, inductance and other items have passed German standard test. Passed high temperature 125 degrees, low temperature 40 degrees, 100 hours high and low temperature test The product of loading test has reached more than 200,000 kilometers without failure.

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